And I got my Five-Inch Rail Remover today... 
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  Whether it's for repair or installation,
Tabmaster Rail Remover satisfies.

Nifty gadget! Thank you for the no-fuss, no-muss exchange of my 3” for a 5” tabmaster tool. I received it in the mail on a Thursday morning and thought I’d just go out and try a rail or 2 during my lunch hour to see how it worked.....I ended up popping out 32 rails in that hour! I didn’t break a one and my fence-moving project was very successful, thanks to your invention. It made the project a whole lot easier. I also appreciate the tips you gave me during our phone conversation.

I did receive the check for the returned 3” tool.

We received the Tabmaster and 30 minutes later we had five rails removed. This is a great tool and is very easy to use. - J, Texas

[T]hank you for your awesome product u save us hours of work and hassles from the installers who came out and kicked my fence rail off and broke it, awesome product - J, Indiana

I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience of doing business with you. I contacted you to find out if my fence needed one or two tools to take it down. You suggested I buy two and if one did the trick I could return the extra. The tool is amazing.
I returned the extra and within a week had a check in my mailbox reimbursing me.  
You are top notch with your customer support and with the speed you mailed out your product and the reimbursement. 
I felt it worthy of sending you this email to thank you for being a stand out business in a culture where so many companies leave you hanging. They stand to learn something from you.  
Wishing you much success. - D, Connecticutt

Thank you for your help on the phone! And thank you for resending the larger size. God bless! L, Arizona

Received the tool Saturday. It worked like a champ! Had my broken fence boards out in a matter of second. - B, Texas

Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Tabmaster. My father-in-law backed into our neighbor's brand new vinyl fence and broke one one tongue & groove "picket". The fencing company wanted to charge us over $600 to come out and repair it. They sold us the picket for $10.00 and I ordered your Tabmaster for under $30 postage included... Not only were we able to get the rail out using the Tabmaster, but it also helped us to get the picket in without having to take the bottom rail out (which is right against the ground and would have been very difficult). In all, the Tabmaster saved us over $560. Also, when my husband was asking about the tool at the fence company, the guys never heard of it, they looked at each other and said something about how that would really make a repair job so much easier. 

Thank you for selling the Tabmaster! - K, USA

Absolutely genius invention!....[T]he tool works like magic. Thank you!!  - J, USA

Just wanted to let you know our crews love this tool: thank you very much. - ECF, Florida 

I received the tools, cut 1 inch off each handle and went to work. They worked as promised and I was able to take the entire fence down by Saturday night. It would have been virtually impossible without the Tabmasters. 
Thanks for the phone calls, follow up and fast shipment. 
You're a great company and great people to work with. - B, Montana

I have spent years trying to figure out the best way to remove rails from my white vinyl fencing without having to damage them. After seeing your tool advertised, I actually thought I could devise something similar myself that would work. I was wrong. I finally broke down and purchased your tool. I can't imagine why I waited so long. In an instant, I had my rails removed and I was off and running. Great tool! - L, Colorado

We have been using these for a few months now and have been extremely pleased with the results. Thank you for a great product. - K, New Hampshire

Ordered the Tabmaster on 3/28 and received it this morning. Great product!! It took me all of 3-5 minutes to remove a section of my fence. You have saved me both my sanity and money to hire someone to do the same job your product does so easily. THANKS!!!! - Anonymous, USA

I received the tool yesterday--worked exactly as advertised. Thanks.  -T, Wisconsin

The Tabmaster Rail Remover has been a great addition to the trucks. The ease of removing rails now is seconds compared to minutes using screwdrivers. Thanks for the great tool.- TT, New Jersey

thank you for your awesome product u save us hours of work and hassles from the installers who came out and kicked my fence rail off and broke it, awesome product - J, Indiana

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