Tabmaster Rail Remover is a must-have tool for the DIY handyman installing a vinyl rail, privacy or picket fence at home. 
If you are a home owner installing your own vinyl rail, privacy or picket fence, you need Tabmaster Rail Remover. Because, no matter how well you "measure twice and cut once" - "stuff" happens. And "stuff" is expensive. No more cutting out costly rails to fix a mistake or to deal with the unexpected. Save money by getting Tabmaster Rail Remover today. 
And professional installers - you know that your best laid plans can go awry, no matter how much experience you have. "Stuff" will get in the way and the best way to deal with "stuff" without costly overruns is to have Tabmaster Rail Remover in your professional tool kit.
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thank you for your awesome product u save us hours of work and hassles        from the installers who came out and kicked my fence rail off and broke it, awesome product - J, Indiana

I have spent years trying to figure out the best way to remove rails from my white vinyl fencing without having to damage them. After seeing your tool advertised, I actually thought I could devise something similar myself that would work. I was wrong. I finally broke down and purchased your tool. I can't imagine why I waited so long. In an instant, I had my rails removed and I was off and running. Great tool! - L, Colorado

Ordered the Tabmaster on 3/28 and received it this morning. Great product!! It took me all of 3-5 minutes to remove a section of my fence. You have saved me both my sanity and money to hire someone to do the same job your product does so easily. THANKS!!!! - Anonymous, USA