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Mending a Fence, Inventing a Tool
In June 2006 I had to replace a broken post on my vinyl fence. I called the installer. He told me to cut off the rails at each end. I said there "must be a tool" to take the fence apart with damage to rails or posts. He replied there wasn't any and sarcastically suggested I invent one.

My buddy, Dave, said he thought we could invent something that would work. Two weeks later we tried the first Tabmaster prototype on my fence. It worked! We were able to remove the rails and then replace the broken post without damage to rails or other posts.

In February 2007 we attended the American Fence Association national show "Fence Tech 07" in Orlando, Florida. We were thrilled when each day fence professionals crowded our booth. They loved our tool! After seeing our tool in action many of them offered to buy one on the spot.

After trying 40 different models we settled on one design and applied for a patent. We received our patent in February 2014.

We did our best to make our Tabmaster Rail Remover a quality product using stainless steel blades and wooden handles to construct a sturdy tool.

I believe you will find the tool to be an effective and efficient way to take apart vinyl fence rails and posts.
Thank you. 
Steve Watts

Whether you are installing your own vinyl fence
or you are a professional installer, you need
Tabmaster Rail Remover.

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Just wanted to let you know our crews love this tool: thank you very much. - ECF, Florida