And I got my Five-Inch Rail Remover today... 
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Tabmaster Rail Remover
makes vinyl fence repair easy.

Removes vinyl fence rails quickly,
without damage.

Perfect for DIY vinyl fence installation.

Our customers save money on vinyl fence repair
and home installation.

"Not only were we able to get the rail out using the Tabmaster, but it also helped us to get the picket in without having to take the bottom rail out (which is right against the ground and would have been very difficult). In all, the Tabmaster saved us over $560." (Read more)
Before the Tabmaster Rail Remover the only alternative for fixing a vinyl fence, given its locking tab design, was to pry or saw it apart, wasting posts and rails damaged in the process.
Now, there's the Tabmaster Rail Remover, a simple, inexpensive tool specially designed to quickly and efficiently disassemble plastic fencing without damaging rails or posts.

The Tabmaster comes in 2 sizes: 
The 5 inch tool, model "MWT-TRR-46"
fits 5-1/2" rails (2"x6" size)
The 3 inch tool, model "MWT-TRR-24"
fits 3-1/2" rails (2"x4" size)
You can order these HERE

DIY home-owners can't afford to be without Tabmaster Rail Remover. Perfect for installation and repair - because STUFF happens!

Professional installers need Tabmaster Rail Remover as a
permanent addition to their tool kit. No more costly corrections!

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We received the Tabmaster and 30 minutes later we had five rails removed. This is a great tool and is very easy to use. - J, Texas